Renovating the Control Tower

The project began for us in October 2011 when we moved in to our beloved Control Tower.

Over the years the Tower has had many uses - from offices to flats, all of which helped to ensure its survival but have also taken their toll on its appearance.

Our major works are almost complete but we will never finish - the Control Tower is a job for life.

 Our Mission

  To restore the exterior to its 1943 iconic modernist look 

  To create a comfortable period home and B&B

  To nurture relaxing gardens to compliment the tower
Our current renovation project is turning an Annex into an extra double B&B room with art deco en suite and enough room to accomodate a couple of small children and will mean that we can have dogs too. 

We are able to do this thanks to over 100 backers  who contributed to our CrowdFunding project

Works are well underway and this room will be available to book from spring 2016


Progress so far

We spent most of the first year clearing the area around the Control Tower - 160 40' leylandii trees, 500 tons of concrete (a post war yard), more rickety old sheds than you could shake a stick at, and lots of internal fencing. We then started landscaping (with a little help from our friends!).

Removing a 90s pitched roof was the most important part of returning the Control Tower to its correct modernist clean lines.It was breathtaking for us when the Control Tower looked the right shape.

Then on to windows, render... and the inside (plumbing, electrics, plastering... etc).


The best visual improvement we have made to the Tower internally and externally has been installing the Crittall style modern windows. Made by Met Therm the are just right for the building - fitted with incredible care and attention.

Railings and stairs are now safe and look the part. Each of the treads repaired and should last another 70 years! Steven Lake Anvil Engineering