Open Days & Events

As well as Bed & Breakfast we like to offer other ways for people to enjoy the Control Tower. Below is what we have lined up and some of our past offerings. If you have an idea to use the tower - a special birthday celebration; intimate wedding party or something else get in touch to see how we might work together.

We also can offer the Control Tower for filming or photo shoots.

Happy to discuss availability and prices. | 01328 821 574


Past Events


Thursday 12th May 2016

This year as part of North Norfolk Stories we will be opening the Control Tower for two tours. We are delighted to be part of this and there will be lots of other great activities going on locally too. More info will follow over the coming months.

We will be focussing on one story "A day in the life or RAF North Creake. 6 January 1945. Ten Stirlings and four Halifax take off to carry out Radio Counter Measures. 171/’A’ is missing, nothing being heard of him after take off – 8 crew on board."

Entry is free but tours must be pre booked, refreshments available. Tours start at: 3pm and 8.30pm (including torch lit trip up to the roof at night). Both are limited to 30 people and take approx 1.5 hours. to book your place
If you want to stay in the B&B that night we still have some availability


Christmas 2015...

Book Launch at The Control Tower

We are delighted to be hosting the book launch of John Reid's history of 199 Squadron - Let Tyrants Tremble.

Saturday 13th September 2014 at 1pm at The Control Tower as part of our Heritage Open Days events

John will be here to give you a flavour of the book and be available for book signing.


D-Day + 70

Our opening event in 2014...

70 years ago, as Operation Overlord took to the sea and skies on ‘D-Day’, RAF North Creake's first operation took off. The role of this 199 Squadron's mission was to convince those watching German radar that the invasion was to happen at Calais rather than at Normandy by registering erroneous signals on their screens to divert attention from the main invasion fleet. This involved flying a few feet above The English Channel dropping tin foil (codenamed ‘window’) to mimic invasion craft. Thankfully, for the landing troops and for posterity, they were believed.

We are very proud to live in such an important piece of history and want to share our home and garden with you. Many friends are involving themselves in this celebration and we’re very pleased to announce that we will have, the Little Vintage Lover Fair joining us in the Nissen hut with stalls selling lots of vintage loveliness (from the 20s - 70s), setting the scene in the tower we have The Swinging Detective DJ to swoon you. There will also be refreshments, tours of the tower. Families are very welcome and entrance is free.